Our Fabric

As a father/Supply chain professional and mother/Science teacher, we are both keen on understanding how products are made and where they are coming from - especially if the product is for our child. 

When we started this company, we did plenty of research in order to decide which material to use for our onesies; viscose from bamboo was clearly the best choice for so many reasons:
  • Soft - Our material drapes like silk and has a butter-soft feel. As a bonus, our material is blended with spandex so it stretches easily, making dressing any baby frustration free.

  • Cool - Our material wicks naturally. That means it pulls moisture away from the body, making it even more comfortable to wear vs. traditional non-wicking fabrics. This is especially true for babies living in warmer climates. As parents ourselves, we've found this helps to mitigate the chances of 'prickly heat rash'.

  • Sustainable - Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth - growing up to 1 meter a day! Bamboo can grow with rain water and no need for heavy irrigation or use of pesticides like other plant based fabrics.  

Viscose from bamboo is great, but we must all keep in mind that there is no perfect, zero-impact fabric manufacturing process for any material. Whenever we take something from the earth, we need to be sure we're doing our best to replace it and to be mindful of the handling and disposal of the new products that are created. From start to finish, the overall cultivation and production of viscose from bamboo is undeniably one of the least impactful on the earth and it's resources.