Approximately 2,700 babies are born into poverty each day within the United States. That is nearly 1,000,000 babies per year.

Inspired by the 'Buy One, Give One' business model , we decided to take it upon ourselves to apply that concept to baby clothing, under what we're calling our "Buy A Onesie, Give A Onesie" promise. What that means is, for every onesie we sell, we will also donate one to a child in need. 

At the end of each month, we tally our sales and donate one onesie for every onesie sold to Newborns In Need in the US and Pathfinders in Hong Kong. Simple as that. You'll be able to witness this giving in real time on our social media pages. 

US DONATIONS - Newborns In Need 

Established in 1992, Newborns In Need , a 501(c)3 charity is organised to help take care of needy babies. Newborns In Need collects donated items, both store bought or hand made, and then distributes these items free of charge through their network of chapters across the country.


Realising a gap in Hong Kong society where women and babies go undocumented and unprotected, PathFinders was founded on the belief that no child should be born alone and deprived of medical support, shelter and identity.
Having served more than 3,100 babies, children and women, PathFinders is a respected charity committed to supporting the welfare of children by providing child protection, mothers’ protection, counselling, shelter, food, access to health, access to education and access to legal.
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