BabyMoso 'Endangered' Collection

At BabyMoso, we are deeply committed to protecting our planet and helping the people and creatures that dwell on it.That's why we are very excited to introduce our very first 'Endangered' collection, featuring 4 beautiful illustrations of the following World Wildlife Fund's critically endangered species. 

With this collection, our intention is to raise awareness of these beautiful creatures and their current situation: 

- Leatherback Sea Turtles
- Sumatran Elephant
- Giant Panda
- Blue Whale

Please visit the WWF's website for more information and to discover how you can participate in helping to create a brighter future for these critically endangered species.

 About the Artist - Jacob Hubertus

When we first set out to find an artist for our clothing line, we never imagined to find someone quite as talented or even one that we would connect with on so many different levels, as we have with Jacob. 

Jacob shares a deep appreciation for nature, where he gains so much inspiration for his artwork and photography. He also has a connection to helping children by volunteering his time to hold therapeutic drawing sessions with child patients in hospitals near his home in Sweden.

The illustrations Jacob has contributed to BabyMoso's first collection, feature a selection of some of the world's most critically endangered species in their natural environments.

Look closer and you'll notice a common theme of small hearts in each illustration.The hearts are there to remind just how important it is to care for and preserve these magnificent creatures as well as their habitats!